♥ WODprep Approved Links

Here's a collection of links of some to our favorite things at WODprep. Hope they help!

▸ WODprep Swag
Show off your love for WODprep with cool WODprep merch

▸ WODprep Jump Rope Set
Built for our Double Unders Unleashed program, the WODprep Jump Rope Set comes with 2 interchangeable cables of 2.5 oz (slightly heavier than a standard speed rope) and a heavy 5 oz. Perfect for learning DU's or ramping up the intensity in any jumprope workout.

Not only does Element 26 sell some great training gear like knees sleeves, wrist wraps, athletic tape and weightlifting belts but some of the best gymnastic grips we've ever tried (I even raved about them in a recent YouTube video). Get your own pair here and even save 10% with the code "WODPREP10".

▸ Whoop
Track your workout strain, sleep and recovery all from your phone! Sign-up for 6 months and get the Whoop device, strap, battery, charger and access all your daily metrics on the Whoop App, including your recovery score. Join here to get your first month on WODprep.

▸ Chalk!
No secret we love FrictionLabs Chalk! Especially, their Secret Stuff Chalk Cream. Rub in a small amount and not only does it kill COVID and other microbes as a hand sanitizer but is super clean and lasts forever. Free shipping to the US and Canada.

▸ Pull-up Bar
Need a super solid at home pull-up bar? We love how super secure and stable WarriorShed's doorway pull-up bar is! So secure you can hang rings on them for dips, rows and support holds. Though not recommended, Coach Ben even did a bar muscle up
on it! They even ship internationally.

There are a hundred different timer apps you can use on your phone, we love WeTime. Featuring a slick design, digital and video timers for stopwatch, EMOM's, intervals & tabatas, including pre-set timers for workouts and competitions. Not to mention, upgrade to premium and unlock a library of workout timers, Concept 2 integration and 50% of a your membership goes to a charitable cause.

Building a home gym? No doubt you're going to need a CrossFit box staple -- the "abmat". ABMAT doesn't just make abmats, but crash mats for barbells, barbell covers for hip thrusts and is also a roobox supplier (a jump box with rounded corners than won't kill your shins when you miss), not to mention a whole more. Check them out!

Tink T2B Tool
Struggling with Toes to Bar and looking for a unique piece of equipment that could help? The Tink tool is just that! A patient pending bar that clamps to the top of a pull-up bar and can be adjusted to a consistent target for your feet. The band stretches across the bottom means you won't smash your toes. Very clever design and I do a product breakdown here. Use the code "WODprep 10" to save 10%.

Rapid Rings
We used these in our Ring Seminar at WODAPALOOZA and instantly fell in love. Clean, simple, secure and you can adjust rings level in seconds. Big Fans! Get Rapid Rings

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